A series before its time in my opinion, and a personal favorite. Some couple of sites to refer to include the Battlestar Galactica Technical Manual, and Battle Spoo (Babylon 5 Wars conversions) I am also a fan of the new series and have no problem between the two. I'd love to see a continuation of the original series, but the new one is pretty darn good as it is. I find the bickering between the two camps quite disappointing and downright silly at times and designs from both shows are welcome here.

Size comparisons

Original Series Ships

Reimagined Series Part 1

Reimagined Series Part 2

Black Wolf Station from "Battlestar Prometheus"


Battlestar Galactica Related Links

The Battlestar Wiki A tremendous repository of information on the BSG universes.

Studio Bergstrom, Armoury Toys and Hobbies, and Ravenstar Studios are all producers of miniatures that could be of interest to the BSG gamer...

Battlestar Prometheus

Certainly one of the best fan-fics online today, it tells the story of the new Battlestar Prometheus on her first mission in the months prior to the Cylon attack and the destruction of the Colonies. After reading the story, I asked the author if I could take on drawing the ships and other units in the story. Its an incredible read, combining aspects of the original series seamlessly into the new universe and has recieved rave reviews from across the web.