Ryan Keeton, author of the Battlestar Prometheus saga, was kind enough to let me draw the various ships in his story. I can not recommend this story enough! I personally think its as good, if not better, than the TV series. He's done a wonderful job of combining aspects of the original series, and even a character from Galactica 1980, into the new universe.

Colonial Units

Battlestar Prometheus Nova Class The Novas are intended to be fleet command ships, with greatly expanded capabilities over the Mercury and Galactica classes. How she looks by Season 3.

Battlestar Atlantia (3) The second Nova Class Battlestar, Atlantia was the flagship of Admiral Nagala and fought a valiant but doomed battle against the Cylon onslaught over Virgon. (Episode 9, Season 2 of "Battlestar Prometheus")

Battlestar Nova Nameship of the Nova class, she remained at the "Black Wolf" shipyard as a testbed and survived the Cylon attack and was reunited with her sister Prometheus in Season 3. Weathered Version

Black Wolf Shipyard A massive Colonial shipyard, capable of FTL travel and heavily armed. From Season 3. Weathered

Gunstar Vigilant Guardian Class Stealthy, with a heavy ECM capability, and a tremendous punch if all else fails. Weathered

Gunstar Sentinel Titan Class The Colonial Fleet's primary anti-fighter escort.

Battlestar Ares (Alternate) My take on the Ares, designed on Ryan's suggestion to use the original series design. Weathered

Battlestar Eternal by XRaiderV1 Seen in Season 2 leading a Colonial colonization effort prior to the Cylon attack. Weathered

Gunstar Saber by XRaiderV1 Seen in Season 2 as part of a Colonial colonization effort prior to the Cylon attack. Weathered

Battlestar Olduvai Seen in Season 2 and 3 and lost trying to rescue survivors from Leonis.

Battlestar Celestial Part of the Copernicus Colonization Fleet, Celestial is badly damaged during the recovery of Black Wolf station and the Battle of the Veil in Season 3. Later a new port flight pod is recovered from a wrecked Battlestar and the ship is repaired.

Battlestar Prometheus (First Cylon War) The original Prometheus, hero of the Battle of Caprica during the First Cylon War.

Danaus A "Flattop" repair ship which appears in the Battlestar Celestial sidestory.


Small Craft

Scimitar Class Bomber A strike bomber based on the Raptor design, replacing the electronics, troop capacity, and FTL with a internal weapons bay and a considerable offensive punch.

Stealthstar The Stealthstars carried by Prometheus have an ebony black coating.

Viper Mk VIII An advanced Stealth Viper, more of a dogfighter than the Stealthstar, it had just entered service at the time of the Cylon attack.

Vehicles and MISC.

Colonial Landram Mk II Wheeled and Tracked versions. The Landram Mk II is a completely new, multirole design with the ability to switch from tracked to wheeled motive systems with relative speed, as well as having modular weapon systems, providing the Colonial Marines a vehicle capable of operating in almost any environment.

Alpha A pre-war 002 who was de-facto commander of the Ares prior to her discovery by Prometheus. He has proved a valuably ally to the surviving Colonials.

Terran Alliance

The Pandora The Alliance gained a great deal of knowledge from their examination of the Prometheus while she was in their possession, the Pandora was built using that data in a crash program. Barely complete when the Cylons attacked the Alliance, Pandora lead a fleet of surviving warships that sought out the surviving Colonial forces. Weathered

Terran Alliance Conqueror Class Battlecruiser Pride of the Terran Alliance and roughly comperable to a Galactica Class Battlestar. Weathered

Terran Alliance Venator Class Destroyer Workhorse of the Alliance, comperable to a Colonial Gunstar. Weathered

Terran Alliance Accipiter Class Fighter Slightly less powerful than Colonial Vipers, the Accipiter does have the advantage of agiity, especially in atmospheric flight.


Size Comparison Chart showing the Prometheus and the other ships in the story along with the Galactica and Pegasus.