CANON Drawings

Colonial Battlestar The mainstay of the Colonial Fleet. There is considerable debate as to the size of a Battlestar. The Tech Manual above goes with the smaller 600 meter size quoted in some official works, though I prefer the 6000 foot length quoted in other official works. The Battle Spoo site had an excellent discussion about the size of a Battlestar. To sum it up, everyone's right! I've always envisioned a Battlestar as being "Star Destroyer" scale, so that's how I drew mine. Its to the same scale as most of my B5 starships. This is a new drawing, based on extensive study of photos of the original model found at Starship Builder, as well as a basic set of schematics drawn by Cobywan. This is by far the hardest drawing I've ever done. The level of detail in the original model is astounding, with several thousand dollars worth of model kit parts used for details. I TRIED to get this drawing as accurate as possible, but I have to admit that in areas it is lacking, especially in the details.

Colonial Viper The mainstay of the Colonial fighter force. This is the two-seat version from Galactica 1980. This version is from the aborted 2001 DeSanto/Fox continuiation effort.

McQuarrie Concept Viper This was one of the first design studies for the Colonial Viper from the original series. The design was not used in BSG, but was modified and became the Earth Starfighter in the later Buck Rogers series.

Scarlet Viper From the Richard Hatch trailer for his plan to resume the original series. This is the red scheme used by Apollo as opposed to the regular grey scheme here.

Shuttle The classic Colonial shuttle. Jim Stevenson's excellent schematics were essential for making this drawing.

Cylon Raider Primary fighter of the Cylon Empire. Also seen in the new series as the original Cylon fighter from the 1st Cylon War.

Galactica 1980 AB Raider Seen in Galactica 1980, this is a larger, more advanced Raider with a combined crew of Centurions and humanoid androids.

Eastern Alliance Destroyer Jim Stevenson's excellent schematics were essential for making this drawing.

My Non canon Drawings

Battlestar Hibernia Based on Ralph McQuarrie's original concept paintings for the Galactica, the Hibernia represents an earlier model of Battlestar.

Harrier Class Strikestar A small escort vessel.

Tiger Class Destroyer A design by Dexter Smith, creator of the Battlestar Galactica Technical Manual, I created a minor variant, the Tiger II, with small hangers in each wing.

Viper MkII, Original series color scheme A new series MkII "back-dated" to appear as a late model Viper form the original series.

Python A Colonial heavy attack craft.

Helios Class Battlestar From a miniature design from Ravenstar Studios

Battlestar Excalibur Based on a design by Mark Vansevenandt on his website The Victory Class Battlestars are enlarged and have a detachable third bay capable of independent operations for limited periods.