Many of these drawings were commissioned by Allen Knott for his Battlestar Leonidas fan fiction. Many appear in his story under different names, especially the Raiders. Information can be found at the Galactica fanon wiki. I haven't put designs here that are exlusive to any partitcular fan fiction. Those are on their own dedicated pages.

colonial designs


Battlestar Leonidas

Tiger Class Destroyer Mark II

Apollo Class Corvette Mark II

Cheetah Class Light Cruiser Mark II

Apollo Class Corvette Mark III

Steyr Class Frigate

Hyperion Bay Class Heavy Cruiser Mark I-Refit

Nebulon Class Frigate

Hyperion Bay Class Heavy Cruiser Mark II

PC – 109 Class Patrol Craft

PC – 001 Class Patrol Craft

Nebraska Class Destroyer

Ovidius Class Light Battlestar

Camelot Class Research, Shipyard, and Space Station Top Side

Athena Class Battlestar

Spartan Class Battlestar

Colossus Class Heavy Battlestar A semi-canon design based on the large Galactica-style ship seen in Razor at the Scorpio Shipyards. It was probably a CGI error, the Shipyard scene was riddled with them.

Apache Class Fleet Tug

Yorktown Class Carrier

Stalingrad Class Carrier

The original Twelve Battlestars: Columbia, Galactica, Atlantia, Rycon, Prometheus, Cerberus, Pacifica, Solaria, Triton, Pegasus, Athena,

Fighters and Small Craft

Apache Class Raptor Mark II

Apache Class Raptor Mark III Based on a concept sketch for the planned "Blood & Chrome" series.

Apache Class Raptor Mark IVA

Apache Class Raptor Mark IVB

Apache Class Raptor Mark VA

Apache Class Raptor Mark VB

Starhound Class Stealth Viper Mark I

Starhound Class Stealth Viper Mark II

Starhound Class Stealth Viper Mark III

Starhound Class Viper Mark VIIIB Marathon

Starhound Class Viper Mark VIIID Marathon II

Starhound Class Viper Mark VIIIC Sidewinder

Starhound Class Viper Mark IX Pilum

NON colonial designs

Designs belonging to the Eastern and Western Alliances and Earth.

Chameleon Class Medium Cruiser: Based on the Whitestar Class Medium Cruiser from Babylon 5, this is an Earth ship in the Leonidas universe.

Stasi Class Gunship An Eastern Alliance gunship.


cylon designs


Cylon Draugr Class Destroyer

Cylon Revenant Class Heavy Cruiser

Cylon Styx Class Escort Basestar

Cylon Duzakh Class Basestar Mark II

Cylon Diyu Class Light Basestar

Cylon Barzakh Class Heavy Basestar

Cylon Invader Class Drop Ship Based on a design by Todd Boyce of Battle Spoo.

Cylon Violator Class Landing Ship Based on a design by Todd Boyce of Battle Spoo.

Cylon Predator Class Landing Ship Based on a design by Atolm

Cylon Tartarus Class Gunstar

Cylon Uranus Class Strikestar

Cylon Wraith Class Frigate

Cylon Oliphoth Class Corvette

Iblis Class Basestar Based on a design by Atolm

fighters and small craft

Cylon Heavy Raider Mark I

Cylon AB Raider The Galactica 1980 design upgraded to the new universe.

Cylon Stalker Class Stealth Heavy Raider

Cylon Stealth Raider Mark I

Cylon Stealth Raider Mark IIA

Cylon Stealth Raider Mark IIB

Cylon Raider Mark VIII: Imperium Class Raider


Cylon Centurion Model 003

Cylon Centurion Model 004

Cylon Centurion Model 005R A lightweight reconnisance model

Cylon Centurion Model 005CM A heavily armed assault Centurion.

Cylon Centurion Model 008C A command version of the new series Centurion.

Cylon Annihilator Class Centurion

Cylon Centurion Model 006: Interwar period design between the 005 and the 008

Cylon Centurion Model 007: The immediate predecessor of the Second Cylon War Centurion. It was more independently minded, not having been modified by Cavil.