Buck Rogers

Earth Starfighter from "Buck Rogers in the 25th Century". Originally intended to be the Colonial Viper, the design was modifed and became, in my opinion, one of the nicest looking fighters ever, and the high point of the series. Two other versions were seen on the show, a larger, four-seat version, and a souped up version built for Buck. These drawings are based on an excellent series of schematics by Alan Sinclair, which can be found here.


Serenity Firefly Class, the best gorram boat in the 'Verse! This is the movie version, larger and more detailed than the TV version.

Shuttle The shuttle carried by Serenity and rented by Inara.

Another example of the Firefly class, owned by an eccentric professor from Londinium and piloted by a one-eyed veteran of the Unification War.

Space 1999

Eagle Transporter (with Medical Pod) and a selection of pods from Space: 1999. The show may not have had much in the way of a plot, but it had some darn nice equipment! Some excellent Eagle web references include the Transporter Eagle Pages and the Eagle Transporter Launch Pad.

Space: Above and Beyond

SA-43 Hammerhead From Space: Above & Beyond, the short-lived FOX sci-fi series from the mid-90's. Great idea, poor execution, in my opinion. Highly trained fighter pilots are not used as infantry! Still, the equipment was very interesting. A good reference page is Space: Above & Beyond, Beyond The Bitter End.