Japanese "Never-Were" designs

Key: OD= Own Design NW- Never Were


The battlecruisers Akagi and Atago were both converted into aircraft carriers. OD

The Kii class Battleships Suruga and Omi were converted early in the building process to carriers and later rebuilt to include an island and upright stack. They only had a single hanger, but it was of a far more efficient and spacious design than the Akagi's. OD

One possible change in my AH is a prolonged Pacific war, possibly caused by an American loss at Midway or other circumstances. Kaga may have been badly damaged but survived the battle and was rebuilt with an island based on the Taiho. Its also quite possible that she would never have been converted from a battleship in my AH. OD

The fourth Yamato Class Battleship was converted into a carrier along with the Shinano, being modified with deck-edge elevators and an enclosed bow. OD

The massive Kiryu, a carrier conversion of the second Muteki Nippon hull. She could carry modified Betty bombers. Silly but fun. OD

Kiryu and Shinano. OD


Intended to provide fire support for amphibious landings, the old Settsu was rebuilt with updaded machinery and fire control. OD

Amagi was launched just prior to the Great Earthquake of 1923, a fortunate event since her building way was destroyed in the quake. She and Takao were completed as Battlecruisers and modified into fast Battleships in the late 1930's. They almost always served as escorts for their two half-sisters, the Akagi and Atago. NW/OD

Without any Washington Treaty to force their cancellation, the Tosa and Kaga would probably have been finished as Battleships. NW/OD


Slightly updated Amagis. Kii and Owari were finished as fast Battleships. Two more (Suruga and Omi) were finished as carriers, similar to the Akagi. The Kii and Owari also served as carrier escorts, like their near-sisters Amagi and Takao. NW/OD

Japan's first 18" armed Battleships. NW/OD

The fifth Yamato, modified into a semi-carrier design while under construction. The huge flight deck aft is as big as some of the smaller Japaense carriers and is angled to allow landings without the risk of hitting the superstructure. Fixed catapults are mounted on the forward flight deck, angled slightly to the sides to clear the superstructure as well. She carried 6x18" instead of 6x20" due to the lack of the rear turret. OD

I DO NOT expect this design to appear in my AH. She's based on the latest version of "Space Battleship Yamato" which has the new ship with more turrets and much larger. If she were real she would have 15x18" guns, and numerous AA guns. OD

Muteki Nippon and Yamato. OD

A planned "Super Yamato" design with 8 20" guns and 12 8" secondaries. I call this a NW since the design is in a Japanese book on planned designs. Not sure how serious it was. NW?

A hypothetical fast Yamato, capable of 32 knots. OD

The Type 65 Battlecruiser armed with 12 8" guns. OD mod of NW

Hypothetical Kongo replacements. The first uses 16" guns in new "Yamato" style turrets, the other uses turrets recycled from the older Battleships. OD