Other Nations' "Never-Were" Designs

Key: OD= Own Design NW- Never Were


A hypothetical refit of the Bayern circa. 1936. OD

The battlecruiser Mackensen from the same era. OD

A carrier based on a Mackensen hull. OD

Bismarck with 3 triple 16" turrets. OD

A Bismarck with improved secondaries. OD

A high speed version of the Bismarck. OD

An H-39 with more logical aircraft facilities and better AA. OD

A long range commerce raider with twin 11" guns based on Prinz Eugen. OD

A four turret version. OD

Prinz Eugen meets Mogami... OD



Based on a design for a French Battlecruiser during WW1, this is the rebuilt version just prior to WW2. NW/OD

An upgrade of the Normandie Class Battleships OD

An upgrade of the Lyon Class Battleships OD

A possible redesign of the Lyon post-WW1. OD

A refit of the possible design of the Lyon post-WW1. OD


Italy's first Dreadnought, the Dante Alighieri after her extensive refit in the 1930's. OD

A refit of the Super-Dreadnoughts of the Caracciolo Class OD

Apparently, the early designs for the Vittorio Veneto called for a single funnel. NW

The Leonardo DaVinci, an enlarged Vittorio design, with 12x15" guns. OD


A totally hypothetical French built, Polish Battlecruiser. OD

Hypothetical Soviet Battlecruisers, one Italian built, the other German. OD