Royal Navy and Commonwealth "Never-were" designs

Key: OD= Own Design NW- Never Were


A conversion of one of the Incomperable Class Battlecruisers into an aircraft carrier. It would have been gigantic at nearly 1000 feet long! OD

My design for converting a Hood class hull into an aircraft carrier. In my AH, the battleship India, the ex. Almirante Cochrane, was finished as a battleship instead of as HMS Eagle. However, two of the Hoods, Howe and Rodney, were converted to carriers while under construction. OD


Based on a discussion on the Warship Projects board. What if the midships turrets were removed from Agincourt, allowing a larger powerplant. These designs are capable of 27 kts, and far better armored than the battlecruisers actually built by the Royal Navy. The drawing with three funnels is coal powered, the oil powered version has two funnels. OD

The Queen Elizabeth with triple 15" turrets. Using Springsharp it comes out at just over 34,000 tons, about 7000 tons heavier than the real QE. She's about 20 feet longer and about 10 feet wider and a little deeper draft. Same speed, armor, etc... OD

It was hoped that Canada would fund three Queen Elizabeth Class battleships but the bill to fund them failed to pass in Parliament. These are my take on what Canadian QE's might look like. The 6" battery is moved up a deck to improve its performance in a seaway. The second drawing also improves the armor. OD

My "Alternate Universe" Revenge class. Armed with 8x16" guns and the 6" secondaries moved up a deck so they could be useful in rough weather. OD

The Revenge upgraded through the years... OD

Sold to her namesake country after WW1 instead of back to Chile. Heavily refitted in the 1920's. Her sister, HMS India, was sent to Australia and renamed. OD

Sold to Canada to get rid of excess ships in the RN, but also to improve the defense of the Commonwealth. There were four in the class, but I'm not sure if Canada could muster the manpower to crew all of them and the Canada. Canada was also supposed to build three Queen Elizabeths as well, though these would probably be operated as part of the Royal Navy instead of by Canada. OD

The Battleship Erin in the mid-1920's after a modest refit. She would probably be sold as well, maybe to Australia. OD

An advanced Pre-War refit of the aging battlecruiser. It could serve well in convoy or Colonial duty. OD

A less advanced refit compared to Lion. OD

These two are based on a thread on the Warships Projects Forum about refits of these ships for service in Colonial navies. My drawings show them in the mid to late 1930's. OD

HMS Hood with the planned number of 5" guns. The four aft-most guns were removed before completion. NW

The Hood's three sisters, Anson, Rodney, and Howe, were to be built to a modified design. The fighting top had ship control spaces added since commanders prefered the bridge to the conning tower in combat and the fighting top was considered the next safest place. In my AH, Anson was completed to this design, while Rodney and Howe were finished as carriers. NW

It was planned to refit the Hood in 1942, improving her armor and machinery as well as her AA guns. NW

Some of the design studies for post WW1 Battlecruisers. NW

A British fast Battleship for Far-East duty, intended to counter the Yamatos. 12x16" guns. OD

The King George V and Lion Class Battleships from my Alternate History. The KGV is simply our Lion, while the AH Lion is an enlarged Lion with 12x16". OD

A trio of British super-heavy cruiser designs, comperable to the Alaska or CA-2D. OD

A Battlecruiser version of the KGV battleship. OD