United States "Never-Were" Designs

Key: OD= Own Design NW- Never Were


A carrier based on the hull of an Omaha Class Scout cruiser. NW/OD since there were plans to use the Omaha hull for a carrier but few details.

Originally intended as a battlecruiser, the Ranger was converted to a carrier earlier in her construction than the Lexington and Saratoga, allowing for a more efficient design. OD

Based on the Niagara Class Battlecruisers, the Bunker Hill removes the aft guns in favor of a flight deck and hanger. She would be able to carry approximately 75 planes when built. Note the off-center forward turret to counter the weight of the island. OD

My idea of an upgraded Yorktown Class carrier with a hurricane enclosed bow, 5" turrets and a girder deeck edge elevator. Basically a transitional design between the Wasp and Essex classes. OD


Based on official plans for using the hull of an Iowa Class Battleship for a carrier conversion. NW

Based on a discussion on the Warship Projects board about a carrier capable of routinely carrying B-25 sized medium bombers. OD!!!


Based on a design in Freidman's Battleship Design book for a small battleship. NW

A small battleship capable of operations on the Great Lakes. Its beam and draft are restricted by the widest of the Soo Locks in Michigan. OD

An intermediate Armored Cruiser design between the Tennessee Class and the Brandywine below. OD

My idea for a predecessor to the Lexington Class Battlecruisers armed with 12" guns. OD

A truely bizzare 1912 design for a battlecruiser. 1250 feet long, armed with 8 12" guns. NW

A fast battleship design, part of the Lexington Class design process. NW

Three Lexington Class battlecruisers were converted to carriers, the other three remained as battlecruisers, though each looked considerably different. The Constitution was built to the original design. The United States had her lattice masts replaced by tripods. The Constellation was the most different, with a superstructure similar to the carriers, and turreted secondary guns. Their later refits would differ as well, with Constitution and Constellation having moderate refits, United States a far more comprehensive rebuilding to the severe damage at Pearl Harbor. OD

My design for a follow on to the Lexington equipped with triple turrets like the South Dakota. The Port Royal has turreted secondaries and tripods. OD

Four designs for a 10 gun, 16" Tennessee. The 8 gun Maryland was built instead. NW

Built after WW1, the South Dakota's were powerfully armed with 12x16" guns. Some were modified with tripod masts in the 1930's while others retained their lattice masts. OD

The last South Dakota, the Montana, was modified in my AH with 8x18" guns and turreted 6" secondaries. OD

A fast version of the South Dakota. OD

Designed to see just how big American battleships could get while still being able to use the Panama Canal, the "Tillmans" were never built. As for my timeline, we shall see... NW

A variant of the Tillman design with sextuple 16" turrets. Certainly doesn't look too practical! NW

A later "Maximum Battleship" design. NW

1933 designs for a battlecruiser. The 12" design was faster, but more poorly armed. NW

Designs for fast battleships from the early 1930's. The second design is described as a "Hood Type" battleship. NW

The "Hood Type" as refitted during WW2. OD

An "American Vanguard" reusing the 12" turrets from the Deleware and Florida classes for a 33 kt battlecruiser. OD

The North Carolina class as planned, with quad 14" turrets, a single funnel, and 16 5" guns in single and twin turrets. NW

North Carolina with four turrets, length and beam increased. OD

Proposed refits of the Texas and Arkansas to upgrade their anti-aircraft guns with 5" twin turrets. NW

Based on a drawing found on the web, this shows what the Arizona may have looked like if she had survived Pearl Harbor and undergone an austere refit concentrating on AA. The aft tripod would probably be removed eventually. OD

In a similar theme, the Oklahoma post salvage and refit. Perhaps she sank like the West Virignia instead of rolling over... The refit is quite austere, the intent being to create a fire support ship. The superstructure is based on a Baltimore class cruiser. OD

An early design in the Iowa's evolution. Designed as a "Cruiser Killer", it had 12x16" guns, 30" kts, but lightly armored. NW

The same design with twin 18" turrets. OD

An Iowa upgraded with 18" guns in twin turrets. OD

An Iowa with 4 triple 16" turrets, but with the same speed and protection. OD

The evolution of the Montana Class Battleships. Since in my AH, a Montana, BB 51, was already built they will be called the Ohio Class, with Florida taking BB 68's name. BTW, my Iowas are known as the Michigans and North Carolina is the South Carolina and South Dakota is the North Dakota. NW/OD

One of the larger design studies for the Montana Class. NW

The Luzon and Leyte are "CA-2D" cruisers, early design studies for the Alaska class. Luzon has a modified superstructure (see the Alnavco 1/1200 model). NW

Puerto Rico is an enlarged Alaska with 12x12" guns. OD

Alaska and Puerto Rico upgraded with 14" guns. OD

Alaska with 12 8" guns, using the turrets from the Des Moines class. OD

An Alaska with triple 15" turrets. OD

CA-2D with triple 15" turrets. OD

Hypothetical refits of the Italia and Richeleau for American service. Both have had their 6" turrets replaced with the twin 6" automatics from the Worchester class CL's. OD

My own design for a Montana follow-on design. 12x18" 50 cal guns, with twin 6" automatic secondaries. 115,000 tons displacement, 18" belt, 12" deck. OD


Design studies for the Brooklyn class light cruisers. Note the quad 6" turrets on the middle design. NW