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Here are my links, my favorite sites, many of which have links to even more of my favorite sites

(you should see my favorites file for IE! I'm a URL packrat, if I like it, I save it!)

Battletech/Mechwarrior Links

Wolverine Solutions: My Mechwarrior 3/4 Clan. Best group of deranged lunatics on the web! My call sign is WS_Dire_Wolf_LM

Classic Battletech: The official home page of the new makers of the classic version of Battletech, Fanpro. They're doing a bang-up job. Regretfully I've sold my mortal soul to Games Workshop of late and Warhammer 40K...

HeavyMetal Home Page: Home page for FASA's official Battlemech design program for Windows, written by a good friend, Rick Raisley. This is THE 'Mech design program to have. Supports all technologies from Level 1 to Level 3, and beyond! Also coming later this year, Vehicle and Infantry/ProtoMech design programs.

Mechwarrior 4 Microsoft's (shudder...) MW4 home page...looks very sweet, but I have nightmares of the Three Fingered Salute becoming an official weapon, possibly even the ER Blue Screen of Death....If Bill declares himself First Lord, I'm outta here!

Babylon 5 Links

Agents of Gaming: May they rest in peace.... :( THE place to discuss the game, Babylon 5 Wars.

B5 A comprehensive B5 technical reference and linked to the Babylon 5 Tech Manual Board , a discussion board for B5 technology, often heated, but always interesting!

Warhammer 40K Links

Games Workshop Home of 40K, and IMO not the evil empire some people make it out to be!

Forgeworld Producers of numerous resin kits and accessories for 40K. They are quite expensive though!

Warseer One of the better 40K news sites and foum.

Dakka Dakka Another great news site, with a forum and store.

Warp Net A good 40K resource, and host to numerous other 40K pages.

Hill City Comics A hobby and comic shop in Thunder Bay Ontario offering great deals on 40K and more! Very quick service.

Great Canadian Miniatures A hobby shop near Toronto offering slightly better prices than Hill City, but with somewhat slower service. All prices on their site are in Canadian so multiply by about 65% (last time I checked!) for US costs.

The War Store In New York, they offer prices comperable to Hobby Workshop, along with more Army deals and Forgeworld priducts.


Other Sci Fi Links of Interest

The Force Net The best site for Star Wars news and home of the Technical Commentaries site, written by a man with FAR too much time on his hands, but an outstanding technical reference.

Starship Modeler Tons of sci-fi models and such

Crimson Skies Great game, more arcade than flight sim. Regretfully the sequel is only on the XBox...

Discount Games Another good online game store.

Real Life Things That Kill, Maim, Destroy, And Other Fun Stuff!

Haze Grey and Underway Another excellent naval reference site, including World Navies Today.

Nuclear Weapons: The High Energy Weapons Archive Things that go BOOM!!!!! hehe..

Luft 46 A very cool site on some of the most interesting planes Germany never built, thankfully...

German Naval History speaks for itself, you want to know it, its there.

Nihon Kaigun covers the Imperial Japanese Navy.

Thunder and Lightnings Want to know about British aviation in the 50's and 60's? This is the place!

Kinder, Gentler Links

The place for Stevie Nicks news, and links galore...

Great Lakes Shipping Page All the news about the Great Lakes and its ships, excellent photo galleries, and a massive links page.

Soo Locks Web Cams View the Soo Locks in Michigan, see the ships float by, that is when the cameras are working...

Miraflores Locks in lovely more ships float by.

Encylopedia Astronautica A massive site detailing all the World's space programs. See what our space program would have been like if we hadn't built the world's most expensive pickup truck, the shuttle. Moonbases, monstorous rockets, star fighters, etc...

Yes, Edsal...I like Edsals, if I ever had the money, I'd have an Edsal...STOP LAUGHING!!!

Do I need to say more? Also visit Ferrari North America and drooooooooooool!

The DC-3 Hanger A true classic, 65 years and still going....

The United States The fastest ever built, now rusting away in Philadelphia, though NCL has bought the ship and supposedly plans to refurbish it.

Mike's Radio World Huge online radio link page

EarthCam See the world from your computer chair...

U.S. Geological Survey Earthquakes Hazards Program See whats shaking!


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