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Alternate History Warships

Most drawings modified from drawings from the wonderful book "Battleships and Battlecruisers 1905-1970" by Siegfried Breyer. I’ve currently run out of web space on this site, so I haven’t updated my collection of drawings recently.

HMS Queen Victoria: (Updated 1/18/04) The story of England's greatest battleships of World War One and their subsequent service through World War Two.

Update 1/18/04 New artwork added, changed story somewhat during WW2 after feedback.

Royal Navy "Never-Were" Designs: (Update 6/21/05)

 United States "Never-Were" Designs: (Updated 6/21/05)

Japanese "Never-Were" Designs: (Updated 6/21/05)

Other Nations "Never-Were" Designs: (Updated 6/21/05) German, French, Italian and other designs.

Airships (Updated 12/17/05) Drawings of various airships, both real and never were.

Airship Photo Manipulations (Fixed 1/19/05) Doctored photos of some of the airships on my drawing page.

Aircraft Drawings (Updated 1/17/07) Drawings of What-If andf Never-were aircraft drawings.

A some really good "Never-Were" links

The Warship Projects Board: An excellent board for discussing "Never-Were" and unfinished designs.

Wesworld: An online sim set in the post World War One era. I’m playing the USA.

Navsource: A tremendous photographic resource, with extensive photos of almost every United States warship and auxiliary from the Civil War onward.

Naval Historical Center’s Online Library of Selected Images: Another excellent reference on the US Navy. The rest of the Naval Historical Center’s website has a great deal of information as well.

Springsharp: A program used to design warships. Quite useful way to tweak a design to be more realistic.

All the World's Battlecruisers: Good references on Battlecruisers, both built and unbuilt, along with an excellent forum.

Wunderwaffe: A Russian website with a huge amount of reference material, in Russian... However, there are TONS of drawings and photos. The Magazine section, the Reference section, and the Weapon Book section are especially interesting. Look for the word that looks like "Yeptexn". It means drawings and is usually down at the bottom of the page. Be warned, however, that the site is quite slow.

Ocean liner drawings

Various Ocean Liners Drawn using Paint with photo references, and in the case of the Mauritania, measuring my Airfix model and drawing up the picture based on that.

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