These are some of my non-B5 drawings. The selection is by no means complete, and I have no plans to make a concerted effort to make it complete. I will add drawings as the "mood moves me" though, and have plans for some cross-genre comparison charts. However, I WILL NOT get into any "my show is better than yours" rubbish. I have no use for that sort of discussion and frankly think its somewhat silly. I like them all and will play no favorites. Trying to compare Star Destoyers to Battlestars to Warlock Class Destroyers will only result in bitter acrimony. Remember, its all just a movie/TV show.! :)

Boldly going for nearly 40 years...

Ships of the New Republic and Allies

The ships of The Galactic Empire

Firefly, Space:1999, Space: Above & Beyond, and pretty much every other universe not covered above or under the B5 pages.

Drawings of Space Marine vehicles from the Warhammer 40,000 universe.