Here, we primarily have some drawings of various ships from Babylon 5. Many are my own designs, some are from the show. All are roughly to scale, except for a few that I don't have size data for. For those, I guessed. SCS's for B5 Wars are available for some of them. They are available on my SCS page.

Acknowledgements: I need to make this quite clear, these drawings are not 100% original. While the actual drawings posted here are mine, many were heavily based on drawings and pictures that I have found over the past two years in my travels around the net. The work of Lars Joreteg in particular influenced my drawings tremendously. His Earth Allliance starship comparison picture was the basis for my Hyperion, and also provided scale comparisons to the other ships. The SCS forms of Richard Bax on his site contain 3-view drawings of the ships they represent. These provided the basis for most of the drawings of AoG "non-cannon" ships like the Oracle and Sagitarius. Other drawings are based on drawings of ships designed by LPK Design in "Ships of the Fleet", the compendium of B5W ship designs, which also uses Richard's drawings for many EA ships. The Starship Modeler website's B5 technical reference section provided a great deal of help with the Omega, Starfury, and Thunderbolt.