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Imperium Class Ultra Star Destroyer The embodiment of Palpatine's plans for extra-galactic conquest, the Imperium would have been as powerful as a Death Star, but much more mobile. Equipped with a small fleet of capital ships, thousands of fighters, and innumerable support craft, the Imperium would have had virtually unlimited range since it would also have carried several World Devastators to produce needed supplies. With this ship, the immortal Palpatine would have spread the Empire across the universe. Rumors suggest that the crew would also have been "immortal" as well, thanks to cloning equipment that would have been onboard. Thankfully, Palpatine was not as immortal as he had hoped, and the ship never progressed beyond initial planning before his final death. While some die-hard Imperials wanted to try and actually build it to use against the New Republic, saner heads prevailed and the Imperium remained only a terrible dream.

Eclipse Class Super Star Destroyer The resurected Palpatine's flagship in the Dark Empire comics. The size shown here is based on the assumption that the "canon" length of about 17 km was based on the 8km Executor length. So, I scaled it up when the Executor was scaled up, since I believe that the Emperor would have the biggest, scariest flagship possible.

Sovereign Class Super Star Destroyer Pretty much the same comments as the Eclipse, though the drawings is mostly guesswork, since no real drawings of the Sovereign have ever been published to my knowledge.

Executor Class Super Star Destroyer Vader's flagship, note that I subscribe to the larger size, not the 8 km length made popular by the earlier novels and the old RPG.

Super Star Destroyers A comparison of the Executor, and two "non-canon" Super Star Destroyers. The names, "Malevolent", and "Inquisitor" are my own, but the designs are from the Empire Strikes Back sketchbook.

Allegience Class Super Star Destroyer A smaller command ship, midway between the smaller Destroyers and the giants like the Executor. It appeared in the Dark Empire comic series.

Star Destroyers A comparison of four Imperial Star Destroyers, the Imperator/Imperial Class, the Victory Class, and two non-canon designs, the Spectre, based on a concept drawing for the Executor, and the Eradicator, my design for a small ISD intended as an escort. The Spectre is intended to be a fast destroyer, optomized for ship-to-ship combat, lacking most of the ground attack capability of the Imperator and Victory.

Various Smaller Imperial Starships compared to an ISD. These are all from the WeG RPG.

Interdictors A comparison of two Imperial Interdictors, the larger Dreadnought is from the X-Wing comic series.

AT-AT Stock Imperial All Terrain Armored Transport.

AT-ET All Terrain Escort Transport, an escort walker, equipped with powerful defensive weaponry. The missile and laser turrets replace the troop bay and provide excellent anti-speeder defenses. Smaller mounts, based on E-Web cannons, are mounted underneath the hull and head to defend against infantry. Regretfully, it entered service after the Battle of Hoth and was not put into widespread service before the death of the Emperor. Soon after Endor, Rebel commandos, aided by disgruntled workers, destroyed the primary production facility and the changing political/military situation ensured that the AT-ET never was produced in large numbers.


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