BATTLESTAR Galactica fan fiction

Along with Prometheus and Leonidas, I've been commissioned to do drawings for several other stories as well.

Battlestar hecate

A story by Kurt Feltenburger detailing the exploits of the Battlestar Hecate and her commander, Admiral Seralanna Chase. The story can be found in this thread on my forum.

WARSHIPS and civilian vessels

Battlestar Hecate A Nike Class Battlestar under the command of Admiral Seralanna Chase. The ship was "bought" for the Colonial Navy by Chase's father, a Virgon noble.

A major part of the Hecate story has been a large military exercise in the Thule system.

BSG-94 under Admiral Chase consists of Hecate, Themis, Cavalier, Dragoon, Hussar, and Dodona

ASG-21 under Commander Valentine has the task of assaulting the planet Saga. It consists of the Amaterasu, Marduk, Shepherd, Surreptitious, Guardsman, and Paladin

BSG-68 consists of Kali, Alecto, Megaera, and Tisiphone and leads the OpFor.

Other ships include the Heimdall and Odyssey.

Arctic Class Replenishment Ship Based on the Titan Class Gunstar, the Arctic can carry a variety of pods on its six hardpoints. Arctic with no pods, two pods, and four pods

Athena's Point Class Assault Ship A modular Assaultstar based on the Titan Class Gunstar and the Arctic Class Replenishment Ship. Athena's Point w/o pods

Gremlin Class Transport A transport capable of carrying two pods. Gremlin with no pods

Shambhala Class Scout A small long range scout used both by the Colonial military and civilian agencies. It has a small hanger capable of holding a Raptor or other small craft, and a large vehicle bay capable of holding a pair of Land Rams.

Orion Class Shuttle A long range Colonial shuttle used by the military, (2)(3) and civilian lines. Based on the Orion shuttle from 2001.

Trina Avedon A large repair ship owned by the Avedon lines, a shipping company tied to the Chase family.

Avedon Triumph An Avedon Lines bulk carrier.

Avedon Majestic A large container ship belonging to Avedon Lines.

Iona Avedon An Avedon Lines bulk carrier.

Eclipse A starliner belonging to the Avedon Lines. The drawing is based on the Interstellar Carrier from the Terran Trade Authority series of books from the late 1970's.

Caprica City and Boskirk Downs A pair of massive colonial transports for carrying colonists to new colonies created by the Twelve Colonies. Boskirk Downs underwent a major refit where her "head" was completely replaced.


Fighters and Small Craft

Krait Fighter A Colonial ground-based fighter

Mongoose Class Gunship A Colonial Marines gunship designed to provide support to ground forces.

Viper Mk VII EW Based on a design by Tan J. for an electronic warfare variant of the Mk VII Viper.


Battlestar victorious

A story by Wes Imlay that can be found here.

Orianos Class Escort Battlestar

Illustrious Class Battlestar

Olympica Class Luxury Liner

Nemesis Class Heavy Battlecruiser

Vestal Class Mobile Dry Dock Front View

Koiner Class Patrol Frigate

Trident Class Corvette

Minerva Class Frigate

Edenton Class Heavy Cruiser

Hesperus Class Command Ship

Reynard Class Attack Ship

battlestar hermes

A story by Anthony Wilkins that can be found here.

Battleatar Hermes

battleground colonies

A story by Mark Berryman that can be found here.

Orion Class Battlecruiser