Space....the Final know the rest! These are my canon and non-canon Star Trek drawings, including designs from FASA's old Starship Combat game as well as Star Fleet Battles. Primarily I've drawn Federation ships. Excellent reference sites include the Starship Schematic Database and Ex AstrisScientia. SFB Nexus is an outstanding site for 3D SFB artwork. The Starfleet Museum is also and outstanding site.

Multiple Eras

Constitution Class Design Evolution Probably one of the most recognized starships in Sci Fi history, the Constitutions were the workhorses of the Federation. This chart shows the evolution of the design from the original model from the late 2240's up through the final upgrade nearly 50 years later. The Testbed is my own design for a prototype for the Enterprise Class, the configuration wasn't as good as the final Enterprise design, so the only ship built to that plan was rebuilt to the Enterprise configuration. The final version of the Enterpriseclass is FASA's upgraded version with rear photons and phasers.

Larson Class Design Evolution A FASA design for a Federation Destroyer. Both the original and upgraded models are shown.

Loknar Class Frigate Another FASA design.

Nelson Class Scout From FASA.

Spare Parts For your "kitbashing" pleasure, a variety of nacelles, saucers, and other picture postcards!

Original Series Era and Earlier

Mars Class Battleship From Star Fleet Battles, a monstrous starship.

Federation Class Dreadnought A Franz Joseph design and also from SFB.

MacArthur Class Heavy Carrier From SFB.

Napoleon Class Carrier From SFB.

New Light Cruiser From SFB.

Old Light Cruiser From SFB.

Normandy Class Cruiser My design for a light cruiser, from the same time frame as the early Constitution class.

Saladin Class Destroyer and Hermes Class Scout Franz Joseph designs, originally from the Starfleet Technical Manual and later Star Fleet Battles.

Frigate From SFB.

Police Cruiser From SFB.

Transport Tug and Pod A Franz Joseph/Tech Manual design.

Movie Era

Tarawa Class Assault Transport My design for a large assault carrier. Plenty of shuttles and transporters to get the troops and equipment on the ground with the utmost speed!

Excelsior Class Cruiser Both the original and "Enterprise-B" versions are shown.

Surya/Miranda Class Cruisers The Surya is from Star Station Aurora and was intended to be the early version of the Reliant, aka Miranda Class.

Mahan Class Cruiser My design for a light to medium cruiser. The two engine nacelles are arranged in a "T" pattern with weapons pod between them.

Nicks Class Exploration Cruiser My design for a long-duration exploration cruiser.

Chandley Class Frigate A FASA design.

Oberth Class Scout The ill-fated Grissom from ST3, and a common site on TNG and DS9.

Favorite Class Tug My design, named for a famous Great Lakes salvage tug from the early 20th Century (feels weird referring to the 20th Century in the past tense!)

Next Generation Era

Constellation Class Cruiser One famous example from this class would be the Stargazer.

Ambassador Class Cruiser Starfleet's workhorse during the early 24th Century, replaced by the Galaxy and replacing the Excelsior. There were two distinct variations seen on TNG, the early version represented by the Enterprise-C, and a later version.

Intrepid Class Cruiser The long lost Voyager...a relatively small starship, with the unusual ability to land on a planet's surface.

Defiant Class Gunship/Escort The nastiest little ship this side of a White Star!