Space Marine Vehicle Drawings

Please feel free to take the "blank" drawings and color them to your heart's content. But, if you post them on a website, please note where you got them from. Thanks!


Basic Thunderhawk : The typical orbital assault vehicle for the Adeptus Astartes. This is a black and white drawing. Land Raider, Rhino, and Marine shown to approximate scale.

Space Wolf Thunderhawk : One of the many belonging to the Space Wolves.

Sisters of Battle Thunderhawk : A hypothetical scheme belonging to the Order of the Bloody Rose.

Grey Knight Thunderhawk : When teleporting into the midst of your enemies just won't do. The color scheme differs from the one seen on the Forgeworld website since I think that one looks too much like a Space Wolf vehicle.

Cargohawk : A hypothetical variant of the Thunderhawk, removing weapons and armor in favor of much more cargo space.

Warhawk 1 Warhawk 2: A hypothetical variant capable of carrying a Land Raider slung underneath a heavily modified forward fuselage, which is wider and lacks the cargo compartment. Locking clamps hold the Land Raider in place. I've drawn two versions, one with the Land Raider mounted in the front, the other with it mounted amidships.

Land Raiders

Base Land Raider : The basic Land Raider chassis, without sponsons. Only the basic details are colored in.

Land Raider Phobos : The most common chassis.

Space Wolf Land Raider Phobos : A Land Raider of the Sons of Russ.

Grey Knight Land Raider Phobos : A mighty chariot for the Ordo Malleus!

Land Raider Crusader : The Black Templars' assault variant.

Land Raider Prometheus : Command version of the Land Raider.

Land Raider Helios : A modification into a fire support vehicle.


Base Rhino: The Basic Rhino chassis.

Rhino w/ Reinforced Armor: So your marines can make it into combat!

Space Wolf Rhino: The typical Space Wolf Rhino.

Predators : The Annihilator and Destructor are the two primary variants of the Predator, a medium tank based on the Rhino chassis.

Baal Predator: A rare version used by the Blood Angels and their successor chapters. A vicious anti-infantry vehicle.

Vindicator: Urban support variant of the Rhino.

Vindicator w/ Reinforced Armor : Also removed the side doors to match the older version.

Whirlwind : A fire support variant of the Rhino.

Mule : My own design, based on the cargo variant of the M113. The Mule extends the Rhino's chassis and has an open cargo bed. With the Rhino being such a common vehicle, the design makes sense.

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Disclaimer: Thunderhawks, Land Raiders, Rhinos, Space Marines, Space Wolves, and just about everything on this page are the property of Games Workshop, may the Emperor bless and keep them! I based the drawings on their models and artwork, as well as those of Forgeworld.