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Rebel Fighter Comparisons 1 2 3 A collection of canon and non-canon Rebel Alliance fighters and small combat craft. Page 1 is mostly canon, the A, B, E, X, & Y-wings, plus the Dewback, my design for a light assault transport, with a modular troop/cargo pod. Page 2 has the two seat B-Wing which appeared in the novels, and a 2 seat X-Wing, which could serve as a trainer, scout, EW fighter, etc... The Fleet Defense A-Wing is intended as a cheaper alternative to the A-Wing, lacking a hyperdrive, its intended to provide cover for the Rebel fleet. Its extreme agility serves to counter the improved TIE fighters entering Imperial service even after Palpatine's death at Endor. The T-Wing and W-Wing are my designs. The T-Wing is a medium fighter, the W-Wing is an assault fighter. Page 3 has two larger ships, the T-74 gunboat, which is my design for an Alliance "PT boat", and a modified Baudo Space Yacht, converted by the Alliance into a gunship. There are two "versions" of the Baudo floating around, one from the X-Wing comics, the other from the WeG RPG. I thought the WeG version looked better, so I used that.

Incom T-65A2 "X-Wing" Space Superiority Starfighter The most famous fighter in the Star Wars universe and mainstay of the Alliance and New Republic.


The Star Wars Deckplan Alliance A website devoted to creating detailed, logical deckplans to both canon and fan created ships.